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Orange lake Resort Complaints

Website is about a mission to make owners, guests and buyers aware of the problems at Orange Lake Country Club in Florida. In my opinion, the management team involved does not care about owners and guests once they have purchased a week there.

Orange Lake Resort Complaints are at an all time high. Another purpose of this site is to force Orange Lake to be aware of their problems affecting owners and guests. The involved management needs to start caring.

Baby Picked up a class c drug left on floor of villa.
Managers excuse: "It was an oversight." Solution: Sent out
an email to the staff manager.
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Chemical Sprayed
A chemical was sprayed on a guest having dinner at Tradewinds Restaurant. Solution: Nothing Special
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Read complaints by other owners and guests of Orange Lake or post your own. Don't just take our word for it.

Purchasing Timeshare
If we cannot convince you to not purchase a villa at Orange Lake Resort, read more here.

2012 Update. An 11 year old girl was electrocuted and killed at Orange Lake Country Club while playing Putt Putt Golf.

We warned Orange Lake about lack of oversight and growing the business too fast while leaving its maintenance and customer service behind. It's unfortunate that a little girl died.

Our problems on this board are nothing compared to what her and her family are going through.

Please keep her in your wishes.

Orange County code enforcement noted that an electric breaker, like what we have in our bathrooms, was not used with the water pond on the Putt Putt course.


Voice your complaint about orange lake resort here

Do you really want to purchase a orange lake resort? We will show you why you shouldn't and if you do want to purchase a timeshare at orange lake resort we suggest you read the alternatives.

Are you an orange lake resort owner? send us an email to chris112 @ rocketmail.com and tell us about your complaints.

Are you an Orange lake Employee? send us an email to chris112 @ rocketmail.com and tell us about your complaints.

Here is my letter to To Scott Nassar,

Hello. We do not know your position in the company and if you are the right person that should be reading this email. But we would like you to please put this email in the right hands.

After many calls and complaints to different staff at Orange Lake Resort in Florida, we finally spoke with Gary Ross today about our complaints, concerns and legal issues. Unfortunately we did not come to a resolution. After speaking with him, we came to the opinion that everything was everyone else's fault and/or there are no plans, goals or forethought to prevent problems or cause problems.

It is true that we have never had complaints about the unit in 25 years going there, but we don't complain about dishes being dirty etc etc. That is not something we do. This is not your dish being dirty complaint. Not even in the same arena.

Gary mentioned that he forwarded my list of complaints to all of the department heads. In our opinion, it seems everywhere we turn the company is not being managed. Scott, have you seen our complaints? Do managers just forward complaints like this to the “department heads?" Is this how the business is being run? We can understand if they were minor complaints, but this is not the case. And not even close to a minor complaint.

Gary said that the drug we found on the kitchen floor was an oversight of the cleaning crew. He also said, “We have to contact the painters about your car" No, this is Orange Lake that must resolve our problems. Stop blaming this or that or “others". The “others" are Orange Lake Kissimmee.

We're now furious, and this situation has and is taking up too much of our time and effort.

This is our last shot at getting our issues resolved. If you are the person who can make this happen, let me know. If not, please direct us to someone in the company who wants to make their owners happy and fix the procedure issues over at Orange Lake. Somewhere in the chain- managers and their subordinates are being taught to listen and genuinely care, but are not schooled on how to follow up or create a resolution. We can say this because we have talked to too many of the staff at Orange Lake Orlando, and we find that the previous statement is true. We would like to talk to someone who has the power to wield change and action. This is our last straw to make it happen. We need to find the right person with a vested interest in Orange Lake. Not just another employee going by the day to day toils of business. We are giving this one last shot to one last person

If you cannot help us or send us to someone who has a vested interest in the company, we will find public and or legal ways to make things right.

Below are my complaints, concerns and legal issues. This will not go away by saying, “We will give you your week back." Which is what Garry told us. We have plenty of weeks, just fewer than twenty. This whole situation has affected too many of us and has taken too much time to resolve to just let it go.

We are not looking for someone to tell us that our resolution will affect the builder's bottom line, as Gary did. We are looking for someone to make up our time lost, the stress, and the damages caused by our recent stay. Below we have listed that resolution. The resolution may affect someone's bottom line as Gary put it, but I don't think it will equal the time and stress of our most recent vacation. If you can work that out, along with any other creative solutions then please get back to us. This would then prove that someone over at Orange Lake Resort Florida cares. I know people do, but we just have to find that right person and get this information into their hands so that they can make change. Having to find a resolution that actually affects the company may just cause that change to happen and make it right with one of the owners.

Not in any order of importance

Orange lake resort Complaint * only one person on duty at orange lake Orlando when we arrived to check in at the owner's area- another arrived but the check-in process took over an hour. The non owner check line at orange lake Orlando had 13 on staff.

Orange lake resort Complaint * There were pieces of broken glass at entrance to unit

Orange lake resort Complaint * no bar soap in unit upon arrival, we had to call to have 4 bars delivered. We eventually had to purchase bar soap (8 people- hand washing, daily baths/showers)

Orange lake resort Complaint * The lights were out for many hours. (Sunday 12/30/07) very dangerous situation - no flashlights in dark unit. Absolutely 0 light anywhere on the campus of Orange Lake.

Orange lake resort Complaint * River Island Grill - sprayed with unknown substance near the grill - Rudy, the manager ordered me out telling me that the spray was a chemical. Have not gotten a call from Rudy nor was my visit to the restaurant ever followed up on until I spoke to Gary Today. 19 days later. Did everyone that was eating that night just get kicked out? No follow up? 

Orange lake resort Complaint * Fire truck arrives - checks vitals and reassures you that the chemical was stale water and the the chemical taste and smell on my shirt was only water.

Orange lake resort Complaint * little hot water in the villa - water heater replaced, thank you...but, maintenance being performed while unit is occupied ...water shut off and facilities unavailable for many hours

Orange lake resort Complaint * traditional atrium New Year's Eve Party moved to River Island Grill at orange lake Orlando (capacity 337) seating available on a first come first serve basis - conservatively 1000 units x 2 occupants....This took away our new years. This is something we did every year.

Orange lake resort Complaint * 15 month old toddler playing in the kitchen area picks up a small tablet under the dishwasher - adult immediately removes it before the child ingests it. After our vacation a MD told us that the drug was a class C drug, to control high blood pressure and is traceable to that units guests for the last week because it had just been renovated. No one in our family takes heart medication.

Orange lake resort Complaint * West Village amenities were unavailable, so other Villages were visited ....insufficient parking spaces. No movie theatre. No games for the kids.

Orange lake resort Complaint * walking to alternate pools/ restaurants/facilities is not an option with a toddler, not with an elderly woman who has hurt her foot.

Orange lake resort Complaint * door to door shuttle no longer available (We asked to be dropped off at our villa. Which the driver couldn't do, but we did see the shuttle drop off 3 different people on three different occasions at their units on Springer Circle the following day)

Orange lake resort Complaint * no notification of painting being done on the units. During our stay we had to walk around ladders and paint buckets

Orange lake resort Complaint * called extension 6100 and informed them of orange paint on blue car shortly after 9 A.M. (1/4/08)

Orange lake resort Complaint * 2 OL employees came by and noted the paint (about 9:30 A.M. and later in the afternoon) and assured me that someone would be by shortly to take care of the problem. Informed "Chris" in guest relations about the paint shortly after 3P.M. and had a follow up call to see if the paint had been removed from Kelly about 4:15)

Orange lake resort Complaint * At 6:10 guest relations were notified that no one had removed the paint and not to send anyone to work on the car in the dark.

Orange lake resort Complaint * Friday, 01/04/08 the entire day was spent in Unit 2263 waiting for someone to remove the paint from a 9 month old car - this is not how the day had been planned

Orange lake resort Complaint * check out - there is no owner check out...so off to another office - RCI exchangers and renters area

Orange lake resort Complaint * Asked to have car inspected and noted that there was paint on the car required security to come and make out a report - after waiting and inquiring when someone would arrive,...no answer to that question ....departed ....Orange Lake had wasted enough of my time.

Orange lake resort Complaint * Vacation...NO! Relaxing....NO

Orange lake resort Complaint * My mother took a week off of work after the vacation at orange lake orlando due to the problems it caused us and our family. It's not easy for all of us to get together in one place. Some of us live in different states

* the expectancy of peaceful vacation retreat at orange lake?- stressful not safe

Voice your complaint about orange lake resort here

Do you really want to purchase a orange lake resort? We will share our opinion on why you shouldn't and if you do want to purchase a timeshare at orange lake resort we suggest you read the alternatives.

Do not buy timeshare from orange lake. They will cost you upwards of 15 to 45000 and you can only resell them for pennies on the dollar. Do the research It is true. But the biggest deal here is that when you buy you wont get the service that you were promised. they no longer care about you.

I finally received a call from Scott Nassar, Sr Vice President of Orange lake Country Club in Orlando FLorida. I respectfully listened to him until he was done talking. He addressed most of the issues but stayed away from any of the touchy issues such as the drugs. I then addressed the things he spoke about. He never let me speak unless I raised my voice. That was not a good call from him. I have decided to go public with this as well as consider a legal path. I don't think its right to spend hard earned money on a deeded resort such as Orange Lake Country Club in Orlando Florida and then get treated like you're a guest who's not coming back anyway. We go every year and own a piece of the resort there. It's not right how they're running the place now. A family friend, who comes to Orange Lake Resort with us every new years, has his own opinion and has said it best: "They already have your money they don't care about you anymore."

I was on vacation with my family for a week. Its something we have done every year. We own a week of time share at orange lake country club in Orlando Florida. I went up the food chain to the "buck stops here" guy, so I never got any further. We did get a weeks stay back after complaints but I feel its not enough and will take it further. One publicly and two I may take a legal route.

I felt that my vacation wasn't relaxing in fact it was only unsafe and stressful on myself and my family and friends. I was sprayed with a chemical, I was told, which turned out to be water, which tasted like a chemical. Heart medication (that's what Dr said after we showed it to him) was found by a toddler in our villa, paint was sprayed on our car. Management was on the surface, were good listeners, but in our opinion weren't helpful at all and had no follow up.

We own a deeded timeshare week there and Orange lake country club has gotten so big that I feel they don't care about the guest anymore.

Bottom line. I don't feel giving me a week back of timeshare will cut it. I was told by upper management that anything above what they offered me (the week and some golf passes) would hurt the developers bottom line. That's exactly what I want to do. I want them to feel it somehow and get them to pay more attention to the guest and to get them to start caring again. We have 18 weeks of timeshare a year in different spots of the US. We don't need another one. I want my time back. And I don't want others to be treated like this in the future. We own there for life. I don't want to be treated like that again.

I asked for a million points, which our week is worth 186,000 points. The million points really cost them nothing. Because they trade with hotels, airlines etc.

With those points I can stay somewhere else, or use them for pane or hotel tickets.

Is it too much to ask for? That is what I am asking you. Giving me a week back at Orange Lake is not nowhere near an eye for an eye.

Have a look at the Complaint Response Back from Scott Nassar - be sure to notice all of the half hearted apologies, excuses and and sometimes no excuses or apology at all for the poor service at orange lake country club.

As of September 2008 - Still No update or resolution to the complaint from Orange Lake Management

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Resort complaints at Orange Lake Complaints